We recommend you speak first with your own doctor or specialist to discuss the need for a scan or X-rays.

If you want to be considered for a private scan, please contact us, giving as much information as possible about your symptoms and what you hope to learn from the scan. Please tell us who your GP or specialist is. We will not contact your doctor without your permission but we do need this information.

Our specialist expertise focuses on imaging the breast, chest, gynaecological imaging, abdomen, pelvis, and lumps & bumps including hernias.

Please note we do not perform musculoskeletal imaging (such as MRI of the spine, shoulder and knee) and neurological imaging (such as MRI of the head).

If you are a GP and wish to make a referral, please download our referral form and send to the patient's choice of hospital as listed thereon.

Download Referral Form
Download Referral Form